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Our Story

My name is Melanie Allen. I'm the owner of Ila Vivian Vintage Rentals, LLC. With the help of my adorable, loving, and selfless parents, Gary and Brenda Henderson, and many others, I hope to share our rental collection with you and help restore, ignite and build memories that go along with our pieces. Mom handles our billing and finances (when she isn't watching old westerns or antique shopping with me) while Dad handles most of our maintenance and repairs (if he isn't on the golf course). Both are recently retired, so their willingness to help is greatly appreciated! My husband, Chris, and our two greatest accomplishments, Taegan and Cooper, jump in and help with strategies, ideas, lifting, loading, and all-around support! 


My love for vintage began many years ago when I found myself spending more time with my mother and her sisters. We'd go junkin' anywhere the wind would take us... antique stores, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, you name it! I fell in love with stories of their childhood memories as we found fun treasures. 

I began dreaming of owning a vintage furniture and decor rental business after meeting a very sweet mother-daughter team from the Knoxville area who owned Restoration Rentals. Their collection originated in 2012 under the ownership of Shanna Jestice (Knoxville, TN) who was running a catering company as well as her vintage rental business. After a few short years she decided to focus on catering, and sold Restoration Rentals in 2015 to Tracie Hogan (Maryville, TN) and her mother, Ann Hughes (Townsend, TN). Tracie and Ann grew the business and the inventory, but ultimately found themselves with a desire to spend more time with their children and grandchildren. Recently the duo made the decision to sell their business, and I jumped on the opportunity to bring their unique, vintage collection to Memphis.  In December 2019, I became the new owner, and a new journey began.

With new ownership and a new town, it only seemed right to give the collection a new name. After much thought and prayer, Ila Vivian Vintage Rentals, LLC was born. How did we choose this name? Ila Vivian Wilson was the name of my maternal grandmother’s older sister who sadly lost her life in 1915 at age 3 due to whooping cough, which was incurable at that time. Because we never had the privilege to know her, it was important that we preserve her name and honor her short life.

We proudly offer vintage furniture, decorations, and props that are perfect for ANY event or photo session. Each of our pieces have so much history, character, and charm which have already been a part of so many memorable events in east TN! There is no doubt that Memphis and the west TN region will carry on the LOVE!

I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for the many friends and family who helped make the transition possible, and ultimately, my dreams come true.  I could NOT do this alone. My sweet parents, my handsome husband, and my three incredible children will be instrumental as our journey continues and we GROW! I am equally blessed to have so much support from fellow vendors, my extended family and my friends, especially my besties. (You know who you are!)

We are located at 5455 Crestview Rd, Memphis, TN Suite 23.

Our mailing address is 4064 E. Fir Hill Dr., Lakeland, TN 38002

We look forward to seeing Ila Vivian’s rental pieces at your next beautiful event!

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